About The Author

About The Author

I have a Chemistry background (with a PhD in Analytical Chemistry), although computer science has always been another of my passions (I started programming at BASIC with 14 years).

With the passage of time I have evolved, adapted and transformed, always looking for new and innovative projects. First coordinating the edition of new Physics and Chemistry books; later, as head of the Department of Educational Materials in the creation and development of new materials.

Digital transformation

With the emergence of the digital textbook, I saw the opportunity to link my career with the digital world and innovation. I participated in the development of the Edubook Platform of digital textbooks of the Vicens Vives Publishing House and, later, I focused on the development of applications that allowed the consumption of these textbooks on mobile devices.

Self-learning / Self-taught

For this new stage I had to recycle and learn and acquire the knowledge necessary to develop my work. In this way, through courses and self-learning, I have acquired the knowledge to develop my current work (both iOS Developer and Mobile Tech Lead).