Learn Android as an iOS Developer As an experienced iOS developer, one of the main points I have had to understand when starting to develop applications for Android has been the build scripts.

What are Generics? Generics are a means to write code in Swift so that it is not type-specific and may be used with any type.

What are property wrappers? Property wrappers are a feature introduced in Swift 5.

From UIKit to SwiftUI Developers have a new tool, SwiftUI, to create user interfaces that are far more user-friendly and cutting-edge than those created using UIKit.

Clean code in Swift Writing clear and legible code is crucial for Swift developers.

What are lazy types? Lazy types are used in Swift to delay the computation or initialization of a value until it is actually required.

What is the where clause? In Swift, the where clause is used to specify additional constraints on generic types, functions, and associated types.

What is haptic feedback? Surely you have noticed in an application how pressing a button or moving a swift produces a slight vibration.